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An easy upgrade to your Domino DF 500 or DF 700XL joiner, this retrofit support bracket mounts in place of the standard support bracket to permit greater stability and control in vertical mortising operations.

Made of CNC-machined anodized aluminum, it provides a larger 4" × 5" contact face for reliable registration on the work, as well as a substantial handle for good grip. A broad opening in the center lets you clearly see your line, and four prominent cursor points project from the edge of the opening, so you can choose the one in the best position to avoid parallax errors, whether viewing your work from directly above or off to one side. To permit mortising in wide panels, threaded holes in the face let you mount your own auxiliary fence, which can be easily made to length from instructions that are available as a free download from the manufacturer’s website.

The support bracket mounts to your Domino with two included star knobs – no additional tools or fasteners needed.

Made in USA.

Not available for shipment to Québec.


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